Vidikovac sunset - Gominjak

Vidikovac Sunset - Gominjak

Just another place on Ugljan island perfect for taking a breather snapping photos! So that all your friends can get green with envy and immediately come and join you... Even though the Ugljan island sunrise was celebrated back in 1844. in the verses of the most famous Croatian poet of the Romantic Era, Petar Preradović , it's the sunset on the western side of the island that will leave you speechless. 

The sunsets can be spectacular in any landscape, and one of the most famous ones in the one observed from the Zadar boardwalk, that was particularly praised by the legendary film director Alfred Hitchcock. But still, once you observe the sun falling into the sea and disappearing in the outlines of numerous islands on the horizon, you will know that this is the moment you've been dreaming of. That this is the picture card of your life, a memory you will cherish forever. A magical moment that belongs only to you, because, remember, there are not two identical sunsets!

Therefore, pause for a moment and connect with nature! Here, on the Ugljan island, between Lukoran and Ugljan...

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