Project ''Adventure Island'' - new lookouts and rest areas

Project ''Adventure Island'' - new lookouts and rest areas 
PREKO - Project for sustainable development of the island- „Adventure Island – Insula ager visitatio“
There are works in progress on marking of Olives and cycling paths and furnishing and equipping a total of 12 rest areas and lookouts in the area of Preko. 
Resting spots are set in attractive locations like Činta bay - black tear in Čeprljanda, Gominjak and Lokva Cezunj - blue tear in Lukoran,  resting place Napoleon's hat and decorated birdbaths Vrnj in village Preko, Gorina in Poljana, Gora in Sutomišćica, archaeological site Liburni in village Ugljan, Željina in Poljana, Svitla bay in Preko and resting place Ancient mill in Muline which is the starting point of the project with which will be placed model Antique oil refinery next to one of the most famous archaeological sites in the Adriatic.
The new bike paths will be connected with cultural monuments such as the fortress of St. Michael and Antique oil refinery in the bay of Muline, with other undiscovered sites in the hinterland of the island, and the authors of the project Municipality of Preko, Tourist Board Preko and Ugljan, and LAG Mareta, has a long-term plan to connect islands Ugljan and Pašman with cyclotourist paths.
The project respect the natural and cultural values of the island Ugljan, for the purpose of sustainable development, and preservation of cultural and historical heritage, in support of tourism and related economic activities. Demanding project is co-financed from the Program of development of the Adriatic islands at the Ministry of Regional Development and EU funds in the amount of 830.000 HRK and funds from the budget of the Municipality of Preko. Tourists will be provided logistic support with the mobile application Adventure Island and new cycling maps.
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