Paklenica climbing



Climbing lessons imply sports routes up to 35 m height, no matter on your ability level: beginner or experienced climber. So it looks like this; we begin with a short safety took, introduction to the gear (rope, harness, climbing shoes, expresses ...), then the basics of climbing (climbing technique, foot work, belay, repelling). We start to climb with a several very easy routes to see how are you doing, and we will raise the difficulties of climbing routes, until you reach your limits.

The most common option is four hour climbing with an instructor, but we are flexible and open for any options. 



Climbing multi pitch routes is something that demands higher form of climbing; it has more risk factor and dangers, it asks for more knowledge, experience, techniques and different systems for belaying and rescuing. It is the story about high cliffs of the 50, 100, 200, 300 and more meters high.

During the course, you will have a chance to climb some fantastic routes in canyon of Paklenica. 

You will learn how to lead on multi-pitch sport routes, how to build correct belaying stances and belay from the top or bottom of the stance, operate and organise ropes, swap leads and multi abseil down the route. We will cover more advanced climbing skills, techniques, problem-solving and rescue situations. 

Outdoor climbing experience and ability to lead and belay a bolted sport routes are essential.. In relation to this offer things and the price can not be strictly, because that we are flexible and open for options.



Through the Velebit mountain we have many well-marked trails, which we know well. 

Also along the entire length of Velebit there is mountain shelters and they are open for public where you can sleep and rest. Velebit provides easy, but also extreme hiking.

We provide and organize guiding of one day hiking up to five days of hiking, instructions, providing gear, sleeping in tents, experiencing traditional food and of course all the beauty of Velebit mountain.


Experience the Mediterranean flora and fauna on the most high!

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