Meet Island Ugljan
      Ugljan is an island that is located nearest the center of county, the city of Zadar. Ugljan is connected with the mainland by ferry and ship line Preko-Zadar, and the trip takes less than 20 minutes.
The island has seven villages, and each of them will give you a unique Mediterranean experience.
It is known as ''Green Island'' because of the rich pine trees, figs, olives and other Mediterranean plants.
Local residents on Ugljan is mainly working in agriculture, olive growing, fishing and tourism. 
Beautiful rocky and sandy beaches are the main factor of tourism in the area.
The island has several restaurants, offering local specialties and wines. Also, the island offers many opportunities for active vacation, so it is a great choice for families and group of friends.
If you want to experience the magic of living on the old Mediterranean island, come and stay with us! 
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