We drove today from Preko to Lukoran to check the work progress on resting spots and installation of smart benches. 

Solar bench instalation is a part of the project of sustainable development of the island ''Adventure island – Insula ager visitatio'', which provides marking over 30 kilometers of Olive and cycling paths and construction of 12 rest areas and lookouts in Preko.

The solar bench provides free Internet access and wired or wireless charging for cell phonesand computers. Solar panel benches lights at night through the solar energy that accumulates during the day. The energy from solar modules provides cooling benches while recharging cell phones and computers. This is ideal for cyclists who will use the new paths cretated in the project ''Adventure island''.


Solar panels generate up to 110 Watts of electricity per hour. They are located below the seating surface, and their size allow efficient use of solar energy. Super-fast 4G Internet access is available in the vicinity of Steora benches.

Smart bench is equipped with a self-developed devices for charging smart phones and watches of new generation. It has two USB connections with a power output of 10W.

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