Zrmanja Rafting

Zrmanja Rafting & Kayaking Excursion

Excursion to Zrmanja is great activity for everybody. Be ready to experience by doing it yourself - jump in and feel the water, let the river and mountain take you into beautiful and active, natural and thrilling - Zrmanja.

Zrmanja is a river that flows through well preserved nature with a long tradition of active holidays with rafting and kayaking during most of the year. It connects Velebit mountain with the Adriatic Sea. The untouched and wild nature fits perfectly with traditional villages and lifestyle.

 This excursion is perfect for those who like to get really into the adventure. Rafting or kayaking offers experience of nature from another point of view. Here you can feel the power and might of Croatian nature. Professional guide will make sure you get safely to the finish line and have a taste of traditional cuisine. Bon appetit!


09:00 Departure
10:30 Start
11:00 Rafting/Kayaking
14:00 Finish line
14:30 Village restaurant
17:00 Return to Zadar

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