Diving tour

Experience the nature beauty of the Adriatic underwater
Stunning steep walls that tumble down to 60 m depth are certainly the most typical form of relief in this part of the Adriatic sea. Their surfaces decorated tree gorgonians and interesting sea sponges, and the numerous holes are hiding morays and lobsters. Due to the extreme clarity of the sea and the shape of the walls, this is a natural shelter and attracts large flocks of different species of fish.
Reefs are located in the channels between the islands. From great depths rock climb just below the sea surface. Because of its location are full of marine life and a variety of fish. Visibility is excellent.
Soft corals - white and red corals, the shapes and colors adorn depth. They can be found on all of our positions, and their habitats on the walls and reefs, and everywhere where the sea is clear and where there is enough electricity. Grow at depths of 25 m and deeper.
Caves - There are many cracks due to the structure of the soil, which is the main reason for the existence of a large number of smaller and bigger underwater caves.
Departure time: 10:20                                                                         Includes:
Departure place: Ždrelac (island Pašman)                                          2 dives, full tanks and led.
Diving locations: -island Ugljan                                                          All positions are within a radious of 10 nm.       
                             - island Pašman 
                             - island Iž
                             -around the island Lavdara
                             - northern Sit islets
Return: 15:00
Departure time: 10:20                                                                           Includes:
Departure locationa: Ždrelac (island Pašman)                                      2 dives, full tanks and led
Diving locations: - NP Kornati                                                               Diving permission for the entrance in the NP
                            - NP Telašćica                                                          Tea, coffee or cold drinks are included in price
Return: 17:00
                                                All tank sizes are available: 10, 12, 15, 18L / bar
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